Corporate Visits

Culverhouse Connections Corporate Visits are opportunities for a select group of students to visit a top city in the southern United States to learn more about various industries and to network with seasoned industry leaders in that area. Students on corporate visits will learn more about employment and other means of civic engagement and service. In addition, students will be able to tour parts of the community, learn about local culture, and meet local business leaders, including Culverhouse and UA alumni. Corporate Visits opportunities typically occur in the spring semester, and cities and dates will be announced fall 2018.

More Information about Corporate Visits:

  • All expenses (meals, transportation) related to the experience are covered by the program, so there is no financial cost for a student to participate in the trip.
  • A “letter of participation” can be provided for missing class, but students must make arrangements with instructors or faculty for any missed material.
  • The day is a full-day event with participants leaving early in the morning and returning mid-to-late evening.
  • Once students are selected to participate, a mandatory training session will be required to prepare for the trip.

To schedule a corporate visit please contact:

Linda Johnson, Director of Employer Development and Relations

Connie Chambers, Director of Corporate Partnerships