Prepare for your next step by workshopping your resume and cover letter, participating in mock interviews, and honing your soft skills.

Culverhouse Connections

The mission of Culverhouse Connections is to enhance the professional skills of Culverhouse students through mentoring, shadowing, educational workshops, and networking with business professionals. This also provides mentoring participants with a venue to invest in the college by enhancing the quality of our graduates.

Culverhouse Connections provides all business students with the opportunity to expand their professional horizons and career opportunities through a three-component enrichment program including mentoring, shadowing, and professional development programs.

Resume / Cover Letter Critiques

The Career Center at Culverhouse can assist students in creating their resumes and cover letters. When creating your resume, remember that the goal is to produce a document that will convince each target employer to invite a candidate for an interview. The purpose of a cover letter is to entice the prospective employer to review your resume. A well-written, tailored cover letter and a resume targeting the specific job can be the winning combination that results in a call from the employer.

Sample Resumes

Mock Interviews

Preparation is essential to successful interviewing. The Career Center at Culverhouse offers practice interviews to help you prepare for real interviews.

Professional Development Programs

As Culverhouse Connections grows, we are beginning to see traditional students in addition to distance students participate in mentoring and professional development programs. We are making events available online to support the development needs of students both on-campus and abroad.