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The Career Center at Culverhouse partners with students as they explore possibilities, develop skills, and connect
with opportunities. Our career team works with students to determine a career path that matches their skills, interests, and values. The career advisors enable students to explore their academic and career options, prepare for internships, and gain critical networking and interviewing skills. We recommend Culverhouse students engage early and often with the Career Center at Culverhouse to enhance their student experience and postgraduation success.

If you are considering recruiting Culverhouse students or are already a corporate partner, you can consult with our
Employer Relations team to help you build a customized recruiting strategy. Well share with you various ways you can establish a presence in the Culverhouse College of Business, whether in person, or virtually, to assist in achieving your college recruitment goals. We are committed to building an inclusive campus community that facilitates effective employer connections with our students and alumni in the college and across campus.


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Maybe not right now, but soon. Maybe graduation is looming, or maybe you're just testing the waters. Maybe you need an internship. You've seen ads for the career fair, and you're thinking of going. Only problem is, you've never been to a career fair before. How do these work?

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Mentor the leaders of tomorrow

Culverhouse College of Business and the Career Center at Culverhouse offer the opportunity for participants to share their wisdom gained from their educational and professional experiences with Culverhouse students. Flash mentors indicate their industry, areas of expertise, geographical location, availability, and other details, and students can search to find a mentor that best meets their needs at a given time. The student will then reach out to that mentor for an informational interview. These are typically singular conversations about a specific topic. By inspiring our students and investing in their futures, participants make a tremendous impact which is a vital component in developing our future business leaders.


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